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In the tall grass, Sejiku happily jumps across the grass, trying to catch a butterfly. "Wait! Please wait up!" she shouts, laughing happily. The butterfly lands on a rock, Sajiku sneaks in the grass. Then she jumps, but David jumps on her. They both laugh while bouncing across the grass. David pins his sister to the ground. "What's the matter, too weak to be a hunter?" he asked. Sejiku pulled a grin, and pushed her brother off. She pinned him down. "There you are!" shouted a voice. It was Ashley walking towards her siblings. "Good job, Sejiku!" she said happily. David pushed his sister off him.

"Come on, you three. Knock it off." said a voice angrily. It was Zazu who flew to them. David laughed. "Well, if it isn't the blue horn-bill!" he said. "Excuse me, but mind your manners young Prince." said Zazu who wasn't too happy about David's attitude. David laughed again. "Look! He doesn't even have a horn!" he mocked again. "A horn bill does not need a horn, got that?" asked Zazu. "What are you going to do, Zazu? Tap your beak on my mane?" David asked mocking and laughing again. He got out of control, and laughing while rolling across the grass. Ashley and Sejiku sighed. Disappointed in David's attitude. "Please, David. Respect Zazu." begged Ashley. David stopped, got up and grinned at Zazu. "Uh oh." said the horn-bill. David jumped near him. "Boo!" David shouted. Zazu screamed and jumped back at the same time. David, Ashley and Sejiku laughed loudly. David grabbed Zazu's back wing, and tossed him, sending the hornbill across the grass. Zazu fainted.

Suddenly, Sejiku ran behind David. "Come on, guys! I got to show you this!" she shouted happily. David and Ashley looked at each-other, curious. They smiled, ran and laughed at the same time. Hopping across the grass. Until the three cubs reached a place where it was dark. "Woah!" said the cubs. They climbed up a small ledge, and saw a big skull home. Three echoes started laughing loudly in the skull. The cubs gasped in terror. Creatures came crawling out of the skull's eyes. They looked like wild dogs, known as Hyenas. "Well, Banzai we have a three course meal!" a hyena with a small tuft said. The Hyenas came to the cubs. "Yes, Shenzi what a smell!" Banzai said evilly. Another Hyena laughed, but it was acting strange. "Yes, Ed. Just what I was thinking." said Banzai. His face changed to anger when the Hyenas where closer to the cubs. "A trio of... trespassers!" he growled. The cubs jumped and stepped back. "Sorry sir! Whatever you do, please don't eat us!" cried David. "What's your name, cub?" asked Banzai. David stood up, brave. "David, the future king of the Pride Lands!" he yelled. The Hyenas laughed. "Simba's children, huh?" asked Banzai who was grinning at the cubs. "N-No, were actually his grand-children." said Ashley nervously.

"Come on, Ashley! No time! Let's go!" said David as he tried to run. But Shenzi stopped in front of the prince. "Grand-children? That makes you our grand-snack!" Shenzi laughed evilly. "Come on, we must chow them down!" said Banzai evilly. "Oh no you don't!" boomed a voice. The Hyenas got confused. But a voice roared at them, a dark lion starting attacking them. The children got scared, because it was Kovu. He pinned the three Hyenas down to the ground. Zazu walked to the children. "You are in trouble, young fellows!" he said angrily.

"Sir! Where sorry!" cried Banzai. Shenzi laughed nervously but whacked Banzai. "No no, we didn't hurt them Banzai, right Ed?" she asked. Ed nodded like crazy. But Kovu roared at them. "Um, toddles!" said Shenzi scared. They both ran, barking. The cubs ran to Kovu happily. "Daddy! Thanks!" said David happily. But Kovu didn't approve. He got mad at his son. David sighed. "I'm sorry..." he said. "There's a lot you need to learn, my son!" said Kovu angrily. The cubs put their heads down in disappointment, and followed their father home.
Chapter 3: The Elephants' graveyard.

Enjoy :)


Yeah...David has a showing off attitude. :o
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